Password Memory 2009 Portable

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    Password Memory 2009 Portable

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    Password Memory 2009 Portable

    Password Memory 2009 Portable | 9.98 Mb

    With almost 20 years of experience in the creation of Windows software, Code:Aero Technologies now present a product that should be used by anyone who want their passwords to themselves. Password Memory 2009 safely encrypts and manages your passwords and helps you login to websites in a fast and secure manner. Three different encryption routines (two 256-bit and one 128-bit) are used to secure your login information.

    Quickly Secure Your Passwords. Your passwords are encrypted using several different algorithms for maximum security. You can also automatically generate random new passwords with ease.

    One-Click Sort & Search. Sorting your database is as easy as clicking a button. When you search, the results are displayed as you type.

    Easy & Secure Logins. You can easily copy the login details to the clipboard and insert them in their associated fields. This is not only fast and easy but will secure you from malicious programs such as key-loggers.

    Export Your Data. Export your database to XML, HTML, textfile and Excel.

    Reliability & Speed. Password Memory is built on a solid client/server database which means your collection can grow to virtually any size.

    Manage Multiple Collections. You can can create any number of databases and keep them separate.

    Wherever You Go. Password Memory can be installed and run from a USB memory stick which means you can safely bring your database wherever you go.

    Features and Benefits
    • Secure your vital and valuable login information.
    • Auto-generate random password for high security.
    • Get a reminder when it is time to change passwords.
    • Save time. No more typing login details on websites.
    • Find your login details in the blink of an eye.
    • Bring your passwords with you on a USB stick.
    • Access your database over your network from multiple clients.

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