Half Life 2 Orange Box


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    Half Life 2 Orange Box

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    Half Life 2 Orange Box

    Half Life 2 Orange Box XBOX 360
    EA Games | Action | Asia | English | 6.32GB

    Half Life 2: Episode Two - the second chapter in Valve's award-winning
    trilogy, taking gamers beyond the walls of City 17 for the first time.
    Portal - A groundbreaking new kind of action game that will forever
    change the way gamers interact with their environment, much like Half
    Life 2's gravity gun rewrote the rules for how gamers manipulate
    in-game objects and use physics.
    Team Fortress 2 - The long-awaited return of the legendary king of
    role-based online multiplayer games, Team Fortress 2 pushes the Source
    Engine to new heights with a daring new art style and deep multiplayer
    gameplay for nine distinct roles.
    The Orange Box delivers five innovative action games from Valve®️- creators of the blockbuster Half Life®️ franchise, in one box.

    Available for the PC, PLAYSTATION®️3 computer entertainment system and
    Xbox 360™️ video game and entertainement system, The Orange Box includes
    Half Life®️ 2: Episode Two, PortalTM and Team Fortress®️ 2 in addition to
    full versions of award-winning Half Life 2 and Half Life 2: Episode One
    for an engrossing first-person action experience.

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