Rosetta Stone v3.3.7 Italian - Level 1-2-3

    عضو فعال
    عضو فعال

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    Rosetta Stone v3.3.7 Italian - Level 1-2-3

    مُساهمة  redmoon في الثلاثاء ديسمبر 01, 2009 3:55 am

    Rosetta Stone v3.3.7 Italian - Level 1-2-3

    Rosetta Stone v3.3.7 Italian - (Level 1-2-3)
    ISO ımage | 1.8 GB

    Rosetta Stone software is built around a concept called Dynamic
    Immersion, an unique learning method that uses a computer to mimic the
    ways in which you learnt your first language.

    This approach is simple, but incredibly effective as it allows your brain to adapt quickly as your knowledge grows.

    Our language courses are highly interactive and visually engaging and
    we'll never ask you to translate back into your native language or
    memorise vocabulary lists. Instead you'll learn through a complete
    immersion process. Relate what you see and hear to familiar, real-life
    images and situations. Practise and perfect your pronunciation against
    native speakers using our innovative voice recognition technology and
    receive immediate feedback to help consolidate and reinforce your

    You’ll experience continuous progress and regular breakthroughs because
    our Adaptive Recall technology remembers language you find difficult
    initially and reintroduces it at optimal intervals during the course;
    helping you understand and retain language for use in the real world.


    1. Burn or mount the Application ISO using one of the many ISO utilities. (e.g PowerISO to mount )
    2. Turn off all Anti Virus applications.
    3. Install Rosetta Stone 3.3.7
    4. DO NOT let the application run at the end of the install.
    5. Copy the "RosettaStoneVersion3.exe" file from the "Crack" folder,
    and overwrite the original one in the directory where you installed
    "Rosetta Stone 3.3.7.exe".
    (Default installation directory: C:\Program Files\Rosetta Stone\)
    6. Run the "Rosetta Stone 3.3.7 Product Activation Patch - JDS.exe" file from the "Crack" folder.
    7. Done
    8- Note: You will see a prompt everytime you start Rosetta Stone 3.3.7 that says: There was a minor error.
    This is normal, just click "OK" to continue. You don't need to crack Rosetta Stone 3.3.7 again
    when you update a language file.
    9. Burn or mount one of the language ISO files
    10. Run the Rosetta Stone Application
    11. The application will ask to install a language
    12. It should search and find the language disk or mounted ISO
    12. Continue for all languages and levels you want to install.

    Application for Windows :

    rapidshare.com App337_1021.part1.rar
    rapidshare.com App337_1021.part2.rar
    rapidshare.com App337_1021.part3.rar
    rapidshare.com App337_1021.part4.rar
    rapidshare.com App337_1021.part5.rar


    rapidshare.com Portable_App_9961.part1.rar
    rapidshare.com Portable_App_9961.part2.rar

    Application for Mac OS X :

    rapidshare.com AppMac9951.part1.rar
    rapidshare.com AppMac9951.part2.rar

    Language Pack

    rapidshare.com Italian.part01.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part02.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part03.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part04.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part05.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part06.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part07.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part08.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part09.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part10.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part11.rar
    rapidshare.com Italian.part12.rar

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