Learn Russian Now ! 9.0


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    Learn Russian Now ! 9.0

    مُساهمة  anasson في الإثنين نوفمبر 30, 2009 3:36 pm

    Learn Russian Now! 9.0

    Learn Russian Now! 9.0
    Platform: Windows, Mac | Publisher: Transparent Language | 2004 | ISO | 308 MB

    Unlike other language learning methods, Russian Now!, is uniquely effective. Right away you'll find yourself in a compelling, interactive environment where learning authentic Russian is made easy.
    With Russian Now!, you'll learn by immersing yourself in Russian You'll read and listen to interesting articles and stories, all in the original Russian Engaged in this rich multimedia experience, you may never feel like you're studying, and the fact that you are actually using Russian becomes transparent.
    Experts agree, learning a new language requires frequent, successful experiences. Only Russian Now! is designed to provide the rich, rewarding experiences that build maximum comprehension.

    Learn to speak, Listen, read & write
    Russian Now! covers the four language skills you need to use Russian as you learn to speak Russian, you will also learn to listen, read and write. Use all of the activities, tests, exercises and tools to improve all of your language abilities, or focus your efforts on any individual skill!

    Easy Build Pronunciation Skills
    With Russian Now!, you'll hear how words are pronounced, see the spelling discover word meanings and actually hear yourself speaking. In no time, you'll be confidently using spoken Russian.

    Perfect for both beginner & Advanced speakers
    From basic skills to a mastery of Russian it's all here. The word games, grammar tools and vocabulary building activities provide a solid foundation. As you advance, authentic Russian content lets you hone your Russian.

    Proven Effective
    Language Now!'s unique methodology results in full comprehension of Russian. That's why it is used in over 10,000 educational institutions. Independent studies have shown that Language Now!'s unique multimedia approach provides a more effective learning experience than books, tapes and even classroom methods. It Works!

    * Over 10,000 words
    * Hundreds of useful phrases
    * Fully integrated pronunciation
    * Record, playback and compare
    * Advanced pronunciation analysis
    * Slow sound to hear every nuance
    * Alphabet reference
    * Word dictation
    * Grammar tutorial
    * Word and root search
    * Vocabulous!, crosswords, and more interactive games
    * On line testing
    * Personal progress tracking



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