Wet 2009 - Xbox 360


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    Wet 2009 - Xbox 360

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    Wet 2009 - Xbox 360

    WET (2009)
    XBOX360 | Artificial Mind and Movement | 6.5 GB
    Genres: Action / 3D / 3rd Person

    Third-person shooter with a girl named Ruby (Ruby) in the lead roles. Ruby - a hired killer, because in its arsenal is always possible to find a very sharp blade, dual pistols, dual GRU ... Ahem. Voobshchem girl is dangerous and can work even for a criminal organization, even though the government, the main rule - check at the round sum of money. Throughout the game, Ruby poputeshestvuet in the UK, San Francisco, Hong Kong and in several other places not so remote.

    Game features:
    • The main character WET is a girl named Rubi (Rubi). As in the movie "Kill Bill", she was betrayed by the closest people.
    • Game in the style of the 70's. We are waiting for "grainy" image, a spectacular soundtrack, and of course black humor.
    • Initially, a Ruby in the arsenal there are only two pistols and a sword. In passing it will be able to arm shotganami, machine guns and grenades.
    • Not forgotten battles with the bosses. The developers tried to make them unforgettable. So, for example in one mission Ruby to jump on the roofs of cars and buses to catch his opponent.
    • Another interesting point is the "Rage» (Rage Mode). This mode is activated about eight times a game and the whole style WET radically changed. In this mode, Rubi becomes invulnerable and causes great damage to his enemies.

    Download (RapidShare)

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    rapidshare.com WET_.part33.rar
    rapidshare.com WET_.part34.rar

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