Le Nouveau Petit Robert De La Langue Française


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    Le Nouveau Petit Robert De La Langue Française

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    Le Nouveau Petit Robert De La Langue Française

    Le Nouveau Petit Robert De La Langue Française

    Le Robert | 2009 | French-English Dictionary | ISO | 386 MB

    Le Petit Robert 2009, the popular comprehensive dictionary of the
    French language, is available on one CD-ROM. In just one click, you
    have access to 60,000 words and their 300,000 meanings, their phonetic
    transcriptions, their etymology and their origins, accompanied by over
    185,000 examples and expressions and over 35,000 quotations from over
    1000 authors. Furthermore, the CD-ROM allows you to listen to over
    12,000 words considered to be difficult to pronounce. There are also
    information pages on the authors of quotations and on each language
    specified in word etymologies.

    The CD-ROMs new simple user-friendly interface includes five powerful
    ways to search for information (by headword, by phonetics, by
    etymology, on quotations, on definition text) and six display options.
    Moreover, the specially designed "Explorateur" facilitates the browsing
    of long articles.

    Le Petit Robert on CD-ROM is a powerful comprehensive reference
    resource for the French language. It incorporates hypertext linking
    throughout, all essential functionality (copy, print, export, etc) and
    a spell checker. It can be installed to the hard drive of your computer
    in its entirety.

    Le Petit Robert on CD-ROM is an essential tool for lovers of the French
    language and for any person wishing to write with precision in French.

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